Residence ² is a square and bold profile, ideal for a contemporary home.

Residence² Explained

A 100mm deep window system, containing 9 chambers, which looks exquisite in all modern homes.

Residence² has been created for modern life. Perfectly flush outside, it provides detailed square lines which are replicated inside. With an impressive 9 chamber design, smart features and a variety of maintenance-free finishes, it’s no wonder this window outperforms most on the market.

The Bold Choice

Designed with contemporary living and life in mind, R² will create a bold statement. With its deep square edges and modern square appearance, these windows will set your property apart from the rest.


Perfectly combining modern, square design whilst utilising the latest technologies and materials, R² is the right window for your property. With glass sight-lines providing symmetry, complementing the square edges, it’s a delight for your eyes to see these windows fitted on your home.

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Colour Options

We have a wide variety of colours to suit a modern or period property, from stunning woodgrain finishes to subtle contemporary colours.

Hardware Suites

Create a perfectly matching window with our Romatopola range of handles and matching stays. Our wide selection of style and colour options will enhance your home.

Be Inspired

Take a look at some of the latest installations from the Residence Collection. We have lots of examples of all products and all colours to help you with your choices.